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Current Delivery Areas

St. John, Cedar Lake, Dyer, Schererville, Lowell, and Crown Point*

We will expand as we are able to accommodate a larger area.

*ONLY CP downtown availability within 2 miles

How does it work?

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There is a $50 convenience delivery fee and a $50 minimum order requirement with a max of 10 bags.
You will pay $100 to activate order and send staffing to store for you.
This payment gives you a $50 grocery credit and pays for service.
We will text you when the agent arrives at store within 1-4 hours of ordering.

We shop for you

We shop from your list based on your personal preferences.
We have cashier subtotal everything and we will text you a total before we purchase for approval.
Your $50 credit will be applied here.
If you shall exceed the $50 order, we will add to your order once approved with card on file.

Delivered direct to door

We are also practicing social distancing. We will drop off at your door and will not accept cash tips at the time for safety.
You may tip driver before or after order if you choose.
We will text again when your delivery is complete.

Need Help Making your list?

Food Expectations

  • Produce, perfectly picked.
  • Eggs kept safe.
  • Dairy with the latest Expiration date.

Safety Expectations

  • We will wear a mask.
  • We will wear gloves.
  • We are practicing social distancing.
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Now Jumpin Deliveries has a goal to keep our communities safer and create more local jobs!

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